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There are at most 7 types of metal roofs. Roofs can be made from aluminum or copper as well as galvanized steel and zinc. A steel-and-aluminum blend is the most popular type of metal roof. There are many metal roofing materials available. Each one is unique in its design and installation.

Because of their durability, metal roofs are very popular in Florida. They are resistant to high winds, heavy rain and extreme temperatures. They are preferred over asphalt shingle roofs by Floridians as they last twice as long and can withstand severe weather events like hurricanes.

They are also easier to maintain and give homes or businesses a modern look.

They have many uses. They can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. They have been widely used in residential roofing projects, but they are more common for commercial roofing.

What Metal Roofing Types Are Most Popular in Florida

These are the two most popular types of metal roofing in Florida.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Exposed Fastener Metal Roof

  1. Standing Seam Metal Roofing

SSMR is a popular type of roofing in Florida. Its name comes from the raised or “standing seams” on its surface. SSMR is the most common way people refer to metal roofing. These seams measure approximately 1 inch in height and are easily seen.

These roofs are more durable than asphalt shingle roofs and require less maintenance. Their lifespan is more than their price. SSMRs don’t require as much maintenance as shingle roofs.

  1. Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

EFMR is another type of metal roofing that you might recognize. This metal roofing is more affordable than SSMR and is very popular. It does require more maintenance than SSMR. Because the “fasteners” or screws are exposed, they need to be replaced approximately every 10-15 years.

Despite being different than SSMR, EFMR is still very durable. The cost of using this type metal roofing for your home will depend on your budget.

Are Metal Roofs Ideal for Every Home?

is not always. Homeowners who live in open areas, away from trees and other areas with high sun exposure, will benefit the most from metal roofs. Metal roofs offer energy efficiency, which is one of their main advantages. This benefit will be negated if your home’s location is in a shaded area. Trees can stain the metal roof, making it more difficult to maintain.

If you are not looking for a metal roof for architectural or design purposes, it may not be worth the extra cost to replace an asphalt shingle roof.

KCG’s Residential Metal Roofing Installation in Tampa, FL

KCG Residential Roofing specializes in metal roofing. These roofs are great for Tampa’s climate. They are also easy to install and maintain. We can assist you with any type or color of seam metal roofing.

KCG is a local roofing company that can provide the expertise and knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your home. KCG will evaluate your situation and recommend a metal roof for you. KCG, follows industry best practices. We use premium roofing materials so that our customers have beautiful roofs that last.

Get in touch with us today to start your residential roofing project.

This post was written by a roofing professional at KCG Roofing. KCG Roofing is a premier roofing contractor that does Tampa roof repair! KCG Roofing has the experience and expertise to replace or repair your roof with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. All our roofs are backed by a 15-year leak-free guarantee, the highest in the industry. We have been family-owned and operated for over 40 years.

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