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How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

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Besides the question of, “How do stairlifts work?” the most common question asked about stairlifts is, “How much do they cost?”

Buying or Renting?

The first factor that will tally up your cost is whether you will be renting or buying your stairlift. Used stairlifts are available for rent all across the territory. These temporary lifts are perfect for those who will only need assistance manoeuvring the stairs for a short time.

For those who will need a stairlift for longer than a few months, purchasing the lift is the perfect option. With permanent installations, most companies offer warranties and even low cost repair services. These advantages will add to the value of your permanent stairlift.

The Composition of Your Stairs

If you’re researching stairlift prices in Shrewsbury, you’ll also need to consider the shape of your stairs. Stairlifts can be fitted to straight or curved staircases, but curved staircases may require more labour and materials. This could make your price tag trend upward.

Stairlifts on straight stairways are less expensive, but you can’t change the construction of your staircase without spending thousands of pounds.

Ponder whether you’ll be renting or purchasing your stairlift and how your stairs are constructed when researching the cost of stairlifts and their installation. Don’t be afraid to ring up other owners of stairlifts and enquire how much they spent on theirs. This inquisition could also lead you straight to the company you’ll hire. If someone received stellar service during or after their stairlift installation, they’ll be more than inclined to share that.

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