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Finding the Right Decking Materials

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Having a deck means having a space right off of your home where you can host, grill, and so much more. Decking can add visual appeal to your backyard and even value to your home under the right circumstances.

Going through a professional can be costly, however. That is why so many people attempt to go the DIY route and build the deck themselves. Doing so can be done by those of a moderate DIY level, but it takes having the right know-how and materials to get the job done.

There are plenty of wood options available. Knowing which ones are best for decking can give you the baseline to work off of. It can also mean finding the materials that will last longest and look best depending on your climate.

Timber for Decking

Timber is a popular option for decking for a lot of reasons. Finding the right timber modwood in Brisbane is relatively easy, too. There are also a plethora of benefits to using timber for your deck.

The first of which is that it is cost-friendly. There are some other materials out there that can get really expensive really quickly but timber should stay within most budgets. There are even different variations that can give you a slightly different colour or look.

Durability Is a Plus

One of the biggest benefits to going with timber is that it offers one of the longest life expectancies of any deck material out there. With the right treatment, it can last as long as 40 years before showing signs of needing to be replaced.

Pressure treated timber can hold up for a long time and also be inexpensive to have installed. So even if you don’t want to take on the task yourself, going with timber means not having to deal with high installation and labour costs.

Natural Look

The modern look is not necessarily for everyone. For that reason, timber is great if you want something of a more natural, rustic look. It has a natural warmth to it that metal and plastic can’t achieve, making it feel more inviting.

Not only that, but you can stain timber in a number of finishes and colours. You can even match up the aesthetic of your timber deck to the rest of your home with the right stain, making it one of the most versatile materials out there.

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